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Prognosis 11.5 - Service Provider updates

Community Manager

Prognosis 11.5 - Service Provider Updates

With the release of Prognosis 11.5 update we have further enhanced Service Provider capabilities to meet customer SLAs, helping streamline operations, and reduce service delivery costs. 


These latest product enhancements expand management and administration functionality, improve insight for Cisco video conferencing systems and provide improved visibility, monitoring, troubleshooting, and end-to-end performance insights. Here are the highlights:

  • Improved deployment, administration, and management reduces the complexity of deploying and managing Prognosis for multi-customer environments and managed services delivery models.
    • Improved multi-tenancy management streamlines service delivery and onboarding of new customers; reducing operational costs.
    • Improved administration navigation between Prognosis management and monitoring nodes Streamlined deployment of Prognosis for Skype environments with simplified deployment model and built-in web-based configuration.
    • Improved role-based security administration enables efficient, secure and simultaneous management of multiple customers in a single interface across multiple vendor platforms.
  • Improved monitoring and troubleshooting to improve overall health of UC systems further reduce issue resolution time and minimizes service impacting issues.
    • New Cisco certificate expiration monitoring prevents customer impacting outages and service interruptions.
    • New Avaya Aura Session Manager SIP troubleshooting reduces time to identify and resolve SIP signaling problems.
    • Improved and expanded Skype meeting and conference dashboards and troubleshooting improves support for large and reoccurring meetings.
  • UC Assessor network assessment and testing now supports custom private UCaaS cloud and managed services destinations.
    • Test network connectivity and performance to Cisco HCS and other custom destinations for UC services.
    • New multi-customer management streamlines professional services delivery when managing multiple simultaneous customer assessment projects.
    • Customizable downloadable reports including raw test result data.
  • New and improved Path Insight module expands network troubleshooting and root cause identification.
    • New NetFlow visibility for advanced UC troubleshooting across the network.
    • New predictive network problem solving capability for bandwidth utilization, cabling problems, and more.
    • New dynamic network diagramming tool helps identify and troubleshoot UC network problems.

Prognosis 11.5 is here


  • Expanded reporting and analytics for Cisco and Skype environments provides deeper Service Provider insights into customer and user experience and UC performance.
    • New Cisco trunk utilization reporting.
    • New executive and operations reports for Skype including performance heat mapping.
    • Many more improvements based on Service provider feedback.
  • Expanded Cisco Video Conferencing end–to-end system health monitoring.
    • New built-in support for Cisco Meeting Server (CMS) based video conferencing to monitor and troubleshoot system health, component status, licensing, certificates and call/meeting connection and performance.
    • Improved support for Tele-presence Management Suite (TMS) based solutions.
  • Improved Call Recording Assurance solution.
    • New Proof of Compliance dashboards and insights deliver proactive oversight and monitoring to ensure that required call recordings are compliant with regulations.
    • Complete record of all call compliance details for a recorded user for up to 7 years.
    • Complete historical records of major issues which impacted the call recording platform.

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