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Path Insight key 11.5 release highlights for deep dive network troubleshooting


The latest version of Path Insight is now available together as part of the Prognosis 11.5 release, and contains a lot of exciting updates that can be used for deeper dive network troubleshooting. In this blog post we cover some of the key highlights in the latest version of Path Insight.


Netflow support


NetFlow can be used to identify what factors, other than UC applications, are affecting bandwidth. It can also be used to identify key application flows impacting your UC experience; as well as identify quality of service (QoS) mis-configuration issues, by tracking which network flows do not have the correct DSCP tagging. The latest release of Path Insight provides support for any device support either NetFlow v5 or v9.



Network health overview dashboards

Easier at-a-glance troubleshooting dashboards provide quick navigation to highlight key issues within your network. It can be used to drill down quickly on configuration issues such as mis-match in interface speed or duplex settings, or to drill down in further detail on error or utilization trends.



Automated network diagrams

Automated network diagraming shows a high level overview of your network and allows you to highlight key areas including where errors are occurring within your network. It can provide a good surface view of your overall network, and the network routing paths through your network.



Cisco QoS queue report

You can now see the top Cisco QoS queues by utilization globally in a single report, which can be used to facilitate faster root cause troubleshooting.




You can now get reports containing a bandwidth prediction, identifying trends in growing network traffic and providing information for remediating upcoming bottlenecks in your network.