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what is Transit & unknown calls meaning

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what is Transit & unknown calls meaning

Hello Team,


Can anyone explain what is Transit & unknown calls meaning in prognosis? On which calls Prognosis will Treat as Transit & unknown calls. Also please share if any document is available for how and from where prognosis will get the details of the calls in reports page in Prognosis. Ex... Calls Attempted vs Completed, Calls Completed by Category, call load & Calls Rejected Percentage reports.






Re: what is Transit & unknown calls meaning

Hi Venkatesh,

The Cisco call categories are determined from Prognosis receipt of CDR/CMR files for each leg of a call. For each category you listed, the classfications are:

Transit : where the source device class is a trunk or gateway AND destination device class is also a trunk or gateway
Unknown: If a CMR for any portion of the call is unavailable

You can find CUCM report explaination in Online help:
However, the documentation on how/where Prognosis obtains these reports data is unavailable in the Online help.



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