uc.prognosis.com (API)

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uc.prognosis.com (API)

Is there any plans on creating API's for your online service? Would be awesome if we could pull a few statics for overall performance, bad calls, etc.


Re: uc.prognosis.com (API)

Hi There,


This is a good question about the future plans roadmap of this Skype For Business Online Troubleshooting online service. And if you do not get a sufficient answer here make sure to open a Help ticket for this question. Keep in mind that our on-premise Prognosis product can do all those kinds of things of statistics, overall performance and detecting bad calls etc all inclusive so you may find you do not need an API. The work's already done for you!



alumni JT

Re: uc.prognosis.com (API)

Hi Frankie,


We are taking an API first approach in developing our online services, but we have not yet exposed the APIs publicly. We would be very interested in hearing your use cases and working with you toward consuming our APIs.


With respect to the uc.prognosis.com service, I'm afraid that it is currently focused on troubleshooting. At this point it doesn't provide the statistics you have mentioned.


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Re: uc.prognosis.com (API)

Just to clarify , the on-premises Prognosis can monitor the on-premise Microsoft Skype for Business environments.


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