Wvlog error: Please check username/password or network connectivity


Wvlog error: Please check username/password or network connectivity

Description: Your wvlog has an error similar to:

2015-10-31 11:21:33 00031402 cstatep 00183 IRLYNC 10.3.0 004164 - PACE gatherer error. 31402 Please check username/password or network connectivity.

Cause: In the above example we can see the collector the error is logged against is the IRLYNC Process (It could be other collectors). The error is alerting you to the fact that the logon has failed when trying to connnect to one of the collectors data sources. With Lync this could be:

1. WMI to any Lync Server
2. LDAP to the Ldap Server configured in prognosis
3. SQL to the Lync SQL Server configured in prognosis

To know which it might be, look at your displays and see what type of data is missing:

- Call data indicates it is the SQL Password entry that is missing
- Server information like busy CPU or MEMORY or even contactability indicates it could be the WMI Password entry
- Lack of Users on the Users Display indicates it is LDAP Data and you should validate that the password configured for LDAP is correct

Sometimes the user for all 3 could even be the same one.

Solution: Check that the user and password work. One way to test a windows account is to hold down the shift kley while right clicking the Command Prompt shortcut and selecting 'Run as a different user'. Then try loggin in as that windows user.

If you are sure of the logon, simply try retyping it in the PASSWORDS Configuration in Prognosis.

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Re: Wvlog error: Please check username/password or network connectivity

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