Voice Quality reports - Packet loss not showing in QOS replay reliably

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Voice Quality reports - Packet loss not showing in QOS replay reliably



Our agent workforce is now working from a number of different off premise locations so now as ever, its important that we can assess call quality usng Prognosis.


What we are seeing is instances of packet loss being recorded in an active stream(Avaya voice stream details page) but when you go into the QOS drill down, the pakcet loss field on the far right shows 0.00.  Is there a reson for this - in this example we have one screen showing as a sample period of packet loss but in the QOS stream page its shows nothing.


Is there any reason for this and should I be logging this ideally with support?


Thanks for all your support





Re: Voice Quality reports - Packet loss not showing in QOS replay reliably

Hello Jonathan_Mc,


The "Avaya Voice Streams" Display shows live RTCP data from the last interval. Drilling down on the "Details" or "Details+Hops" link opens the "AV-Voice Stream Details Active" Display.


The "AV-Voice Stream Details Active" Display also shows live RTCP data, but the Display usually waits at least 1 interval to open. 


Using the "Finished" or "Historical" Drilldowns will open an RTCP database replay allowing all intervals to be seen. The historical data usually requires the call has ended. The "QoS Reply" Display should show MOS, lattency, loss and jitter RTCP metrics on a per interval basis.


The data in Displays can differ because they can be looking at different intervals. If the data still doesn't seem correct, please open and Case and the Support team can look more deeply into this item.


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin


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