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Trunk Group Usage Report (Last 24 Hrs)

IR Partner

Trunk Group Usage Report (Last 24 Hrs)

Hi All,


The report that we get when drilling down on TG usage, is the value in the 'usage' field showing CCS(call centum seconds)?

It would be more useful if this could be calculated into a actual percentage figure so you can see peak occupancy for the last 24 hours? I am assuming prognosis derives this from the 'list meas' command?


Re: Trunk Group Usage Report (Last 24 Hrs)

Hello Johnathan,

The Avaya Trunk Group usage value is in CCS.

The data in the Display/Dashboard is from Avaya Communication Manager SAT command 'list measurements trunk-group...'

Using the percentage used vs total CCS usage seems like a good idea. I'll send the suggestion to the Product team, but a request from a customer will have more weight.

There are a few options to have Prognosis present the used percentage in a Display/Dashboard:

  • Create a copy of the Display and modify the Display properties to show used percentage (done by the Prognosis administrator).
  • Request a Custom Solution from IR to show used percentage (done by the IR Professional Services Organization).
  • Open a Support Case and use the Request For Enhancement process (if accepted, item will be added to product at some future release).

Thank you,

Scott Baldwin

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IR Partner

Re: Trunk Group Usage Report (Last 24 Hrs)

Thanks Scott.

That sounds encouraging. Are you able to send me the form and I'll fill it out.
How long should I expect to wait to understand if it's possible ? I raised a request / idea regarding vector graphic export a while back but that seems to have fallen by the wayside.

Thanks for your support and time.
IR Partner

Re: Trunk Group Usage Report (Last 24 Hrs)

Ignore my response regarding the form Scott ! I will raise a support case and go from there.

Regards Jon
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