System Manager Threshold

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System Manager Threshold



Shoudl I expect to see a standard set of available threshold for System manager ? I am pretty sure I have seen this before but all i currently see is AES Alerts and Avaya alerts. Is there a reason why I am not seeing the threshold for this type of device?





Re: System Manager Threshold

Hi Jonhathan,


there are few conditions on "AvayaSessMgrStatusKPI" record within AV-Alerts threshold. Are you looking for something specific?



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Re: System Manager Threshold

Hi Shoaib


I don't see AV alerts within my threshold - I just have Avaya Alerts and AES Alerts and AV CC elite.

Do I need to start something to bring this up? I have found AV alerts and hit start but looking in the properties there is nothing related to SMGR-at the most I want something to check if it's online.

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Re: System Manager Threshold

From my understanding AV Alerts and Avaya Alerts threshold are the same thing. However I had exactly the same question as you and found this post. A Threshold to monitor Avaya Aura System / Session manager doesnt seem to exists? Shoaib are you saying the 5 x conditions using the AvayaSessMgrStatusKPI record under the AV alerts threshold is all the monitors an Avaya Aura Session / System manager? Seems a bit light? Any plans to bring out a thresholds package dedicated to Aura System / Session manager? 

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