SfB Databases missing?

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SfB Databases missing?

I have a Mediation server that is generating occasional CPU threshold alerts.  When I try to review historical info on CPU I get errors saying "Database not known to system".

Lync Reports CPU.pngWindows CPU History.png


Re: SfB Databases missing?


I have seen this usually occurs for one of these reasons for other database based web displays/reports/replays.


1) The database is not started on the node being referenced or running in a different location.

2) The node being referenced is not the database node and thus the URL is off.

3)  One of the options is not selection / configured; thus the URL is off.

4) There have also been a few updates to the product where the URL / selector in the web report didn't get updated along with the update and it needs to be fixed. 


Can you copy the URL from the screenshots and share that minus your server name/IP address?





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Re: SfB Databases missing?

Hi Nicole,


Looks like 'Server Statistics' DBs are not running on the Monitoring node. You can try to start them from Knowledge>Common>WMI>Commands>Start Server Statistics command. Just right click > Start and it should start the collection. Moreover, it adds couple of summary jobs to summarize this data into 1 Hourly, 6 Hourly and Daily summarise for longer/older periods.




Let me know if solves the issue.

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Re: SfB Databases missing?

That was it, thanks!  Here is the URL for reference.

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