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SfB Conversation Data on multiple Managers

05 Base Camper

SfB Conversation Data on multiple Managers

Can you have SfB Conversation Data on multiple Managers?  We need a business continuity setup and need to know how to have conversation data sent to more than one Manager or how to enable when doing a BC test.

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Re: SfB Conversation Data on multiple Managers

Hi Matt,

SfB conversation data is stored in a Postgres database on the Regional Managing node. If you need to duplicate this, I believe you would need to set up a pair of HA servers where the Postgres data is replicated on both. According to the documentation, there's no limit to the number of global managing nodes you have. The example shown in the online help here is a two tier environment with the monitoring and regional managing nodes configured on the same node. In a three-tier environment, the Postgres database would exist on the Regional Managing node, in between the monitoring node and global managing node(s). 

Prior to 11.6, HA was available as an extended solution and was sold through Profesional Services as they had to deploy this. Although this now available in 11.6, it does require an additional license code to enable and some functionality may still need to be deployed through our Pro Services department. If you're interested in finding out more about HA, it would be best to have a conversation with your account manager. Otherwise, if you just need to set up multiple global managing nodes, these just need to be configured.

I hope this answers your question.


Scott Clement

05 Base Camper

Re: SfB Conversation Data on multiple Managers

Is there a option with 11.4 and if so can you point me to the documentation for 11.4?



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