Seeing Phone data in Path Insight


Seeing Phone data in Path Insight

If you are not seeing phones in the "Phones" tab within Prognosis PathInsight:

- Bridge Table data must be recieved from each switch to capture data related to phones. This can be validated by clicking the hidden link. This link is accessed by clicking the word "Poll" in the upper right hand corner of the Path Insight display window. In the corresponding window, each device will show polling paramaters along with valuse showing the responses. Under the section "Device Administrative Information" you should see values present under the Bridge table column in the display for each device that should have phones attached. If you are returning "0" values here then you are not receiving BT data. Contact your device vendor for additional detail on what the confuration requirements are to provide Bridge Table data via SNMP as each vendor may have different settings. For Cisco, in many cases, is a setting called "contexts" as part of the devices SNMP configuration.

- OUI filtering: Each vendor's UC phones are identified by the first 3 octets of the MAC address or "Organizationally Unique Identifier". Path Insight uses a file titled "OUIFilter.cfg" to identify known vendor types. Although our list is fairly inclusive, your specific device may not be part of the list. This list can be updated to include your specific phone devices in the following manner:

On the Prognosis Path Insight server, navigate to <install drive>\Program Files(x86)\IR\Path Insight . Edit the "OUIFilter.cfg" file and add the device (if not already in the list).

;Enter OUIs below:
;OUI        OUI Description
;-------    ------------------------------------------------
00.04.0D    Avaya
00.14.5E    IBM
00.1B.4F    Avaya
00.09.6E    Giant Electronics
00.10.EB    Selsius
00.10.49    ShoreTel
00.04.F2    Polycom
00.E0.75    Verilink
00.13.FA    Lifesize
00.50.60    Tandberg
00.02.B9    Cisco
00.02.BA    Cisco
00.02.FC    Cisco
00.02.FD    Cisco
00.03.6B    Cisco
00.03.E3    Cisco
00.03.E4    Cisco
00.05.9A    Cisco
;00.0C.41    Cisco-Linksys

Once updated, bounce the IR Path Insight service to read in the updated values.


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Randy Andrews
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Re: Seeing Phone data in Path Insight

Thansk Randy - great post and "How to" info for our customers. 

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