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SIP Gateways

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Can we Add SIP Gateways (Routers) in Cisco SBCs group in Prognosis ? If yes do we nedd to configure Radius configuration also ?





Re: SIP Gateways

Hello Venkatesh,


If SIP gateways are registered to CUCM cluster servers, then the CDR will be delivered by the CUCM cluster using the normal CUCM CDR delivery methods. The gateways registered to CUCM servers should be auto discovered by Prognosis when the cluster is added to Prognosis.


If the SIP gateways are registered to CUBE SBCs, then CDR should be provided by the CUBE using RADIUS at the CUBE level.


SIP gateways can be added to Prognosis as stand alone devices. Please see Prognosis Online Help pages for details:

  • Network Devices: lists the gateway types that can be added to Prognosis as stand alone devices.
  • Gateways and Routers: contains links about how to add devices using the Prognosis Web UI and Windows Client.


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Scott Baldwin


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