SBC Performance Reporting Issue

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SBC Performance Reporting Issue

Getting the dreaded red ball with the exclimation when trying to run the Web SBC Reports except for the last 60 minutes.  I noticed the hourly, 6 hourly, and daily DBs were not running for some reason but there was not DB config or command to start them back up.  I created a DB collection from them so I could start them but I get prompted for input and I'm not sure what the input should be.  Any suggestions or is there a better way to start them back up?


Re: SBC Performance Reporting Issue

Hello Matthew,


The SBC-Reporting Database Collection (DBC) initially collects the data from all the source SBC records.

The SBC-Reporting 1 Hourly, SBC-Reporting 6 Hourly and SBC-Reporting Daily are Database Summaries (DBSs).


The SBC-Reporting DBC data is summarized to the SBC-Reporting 1 Hourly DBS, which is summarized to the SBC-Reporting 6 Hourly DBS, which is summarized to the SBC-Reporting Daily DBS.


SBC Web Reports will access data from the various SBC-Reporting databases depending on the time range selected.


In normal operation a Database Collection (DBC) will show as Active (Blue Check) in Prognosis and Database Summaries (DBSs) will show as Active only when summarizing is in progress, but most of the time show as Inactive (Red X).


The database summaries are triggered by the RollUpAnalyst. The RollUpAnalyst acts based on rules in the RollUpScheduleTable.


Prognosis has several RollUp Displays to monitor and troubleshoot RollUp processes and failures. See the following Prognosis Online Help topic for details: AutoSummarization


Common causes for errors in Web Reports:

  1. There is too much data in the DBC or DBS and older data is being purged preventing the report from populating.
  2. The RollUp process is failing for some reason. This will cause reports based on the DBC to populate, but reports based on DBS data will not.
  3. Databases on Monitoring Node(s) cannot be accessed from the Managing Node.

If additional SBC Web Report troubleshooting is needed, please open a Support Case and include:

  1. A fresh irfax.
  2. Screen capture(s) of the Web UI Red Dot error (hover over the Red Dot to populate the full error).
  3. Screen captures should also include the URL because the address has helpful reference data.

Thank you,

Scott Baldwin


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Re: SBC Performance Reporting Issue

Thanks Scott.  I was able to get the jobs to run after modifying the node from /DEFAULT to #CurrentNode.  The error I was seeing was node not found so hoping this is a proper solution.  What do you think? 

Re: SBC Performance Reporting Issue

Hello Matthew,


Yes, nice catch! This appears to be the proper corrective action.


/DEFAULT indicates a specific server or device named "DEFAULT" whereas "#CurrentNode" is a variable Prognosis can use to insert the correct Node.


Scott Baldwin


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