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Prognosis Rest API Data Set Finished Calls

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Prognosis Rest API Data Set Finished Calls

Hello, New here, first post on the forums. 


I am trying to figure out how to add a dataset so I can call the API with a powershell function to quickly itterate through numbers/ips with certain scores.


I followed one of the KB videos for creating a data set and used the info in that to identify the existing Call Leg data view of "AvayaCallLegFinishedInformation"


I dont know how to tell if the View requires parameters like start and end time etc... So used to using a SQL DB and having SSMS to look at that stuff.


Is it as simple as putting the following in the data set file or does my command need to include a where and other scope paremeter?


<query>Select * FROM AvayaCallLegFinishedInformation</query>



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Re: Prognosis Rest API Data Set Finished Calls

Hi @ATek ,


welcome to the forums. I also have an article on rest api here: 


In essense what you did below should work. Only drawback is that it is not a persistent view and it may take a long time to get data back from prognosis. You may see requests returning with a timeout error if data is not returned (i think within 2 sec)


To make sure data is returned immediately, you may want to create a persistent view and then use that view as the datasource in your dataset, e.g "Select * FROM Custom_AvayaCallLegFinishedInfoView"

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