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Prognosis 11.6 for Avaya System and Session Managers has 0 SIP Voice Streams

05 Base Camper

Prognosis 11.6 for Avaya System and Session Managers has 0 SIP Voice Streams

Despite configuring all the Avaya System and Session Manager components in Web and Prognosis Client GUI.
Received Status UP and CDR Calls Database and files processing. However No CDR data being populated for SIP Calls within the files collected shown below

SIP Voice Streams 26-11-2019.PNG


Re: Prognosis 11.6 for Avaya System and Session Managers has 0 SIP Voice Streams

Hello Quinton,


Session Manager CDRs require the ability of Prognosis to login to the Session Manager and do an SFTP "get" of the CDR files.

  • The following Prognosis Online Help page can be used to verify the Session Manager configuration for CDRs: Configure CDR Monitoring for Avaya Aura System/Session Manager
  • To test if the Prognosis Monitoring Node can perform the "get" function:
    - Install an SFTP client (such as WinSCP, PuTTY SFTP, Filezilla...) on the Monitoring Node.
    - Use the SFTP client to connect to the Session Manager.
    - If a login error is seen, the account might be locked and will need to unlocked by Avaya.


The screen capture shows the total Voice Streams are 0. Voice Stream information comes from RTCP packets sent to Prognosis.

  • SIP phones download the 46xxsettings.txt file from a TFTP server in the environment, not from the Avaya Communication Manager directly as with H323 phones.
  • Phones registered to Session Manager serves will need an update to the 46xxsettings.txt file so they send the RTCP packets to the Prognosis server.
    - The 46xxsettings.txt file in the TFTP server will need to be updated and downloaded by the SIP phones.
    - The SIP phones will need to be rebooted 2 times. Once to download the 46xxsettings.txt file and once to activate the changes to the 46xxsettings.txt file.
    - Port 5005 will need to be opened between the Monitoring Node and phones to receive the RTCP packets.
  • The following Prognosis Online Help page advises how to update the 46xxsettings.txt file used by the SIP phones: Monitoring Avaya SIP Phone Voice Streams

If the above configuration suggestions do not cause the CDR and RTCP (Voice Stream) data to show in Prognosis, please open a Support case to work directly with an IR Support Engineer.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin


05 Base Camper

Re: Prognosis 11.6 for Avaya System and Session Managers has 0 SIP Voice Streams

Thank you for the detailed feedback.

We only have Avaya H323 II Handsets, there are no SIP Avaya Phones to update the settings file requirement

We only have SIP Trunks active between Adjunct Platforms

i.) Cisco CUCM as well as CUBE
ii.) Oracle ACME SBC's
iii.) Unigy IPC V3

iv.) Avaya SBC 7.2.2 (Still in Build stage)

Would this be the reason CDR data is collected but there are 0 records to capture (reason why = 0 SIP Voice Streams)

Thank you Quinton


Re: Prognosis 11.6 for Avaya System and Session Managers has 0 SIP Voice Streams

Hello Quinton,


The lack of Voice Stream data from Session Managers is because of how the Avaya phones are registered. Avaya phones using H323 will only be registered to the Avaya Communication Manager (ACM). This will cause Prognosis to associate all QoS from the phones to the ACM.


Session Manager CDR and RTCP data are kept completely separate in the Session Manager. For this reason Prognosis uses differing Displays for the 2 data types.


Avaya Session Managers only provide call control, and do not ever touch the packets transporting the actual voice part of calls. Because the actual voice payload is never touched by the Session Managers, no QoS data is ever generated by Session Managers.


Session Manager CDR data never includes any Quality of Service (QoS) data. Session Manager CDR data will have other metrics such as call start and stop time. The Session Manager CDR data should be available to Prognosis.


Cisco CUCM and CUBE can each generate QoS metrics visable in Prognosis if configured correctly.


Unigy is not supported by Prognosis so no QoS metrics are available from these devices.


Avaya SBCEs can forward QoS data received in RTCP packets, but do not generate RTCP packets on their own. If the RTCP packets are sent to the ASBCE, the ASBCE can add its IP into the hop data, but this is the limit of ASBCE and QoS.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin


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