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Path Insight - No Layer2 Information Available / Incomplete path

IR Partner

Path Insight - No Layer2 Information Available / Incomplete path

Hi Community,


when using in Path Insight "Mapping from one IP address to another IP address" we see in often see the notice "Incomplete path" and "No Layer2 Information Available". Can anybody explain what to do to avoid these notices / messages?




Re: Path Insight - No Layer2 Information Available / Incomplete path



Thank you for your posts. 

If the mapping is unable to complete, it may be due to the fact that all switches and routers along the path may not be monitored. Add these devices to monitoring for complete visibility of the entire path.

If a switch or router is unable to be monitored (For example: A WAN service provider does not allow SNMP access to the device), then a static route mapping can be made through the device to the far end. 


I've alsp attach PathInsight user guide, and please refer to Pappendix K on how to add a static route to the configuration.



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