Path Insight - How can I rescan the device description

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Path Insight - How can I rescan the device description

Hi Community,
after a firmware update of a Cisco Catalyst L3 switch the WEb GUI still shows the previous old internal device description of the device. However, the operating time of the device is shown correctly. How can I update this information manually or automatically without restarting Path Insight?


A restart of the Path Insight helped. But I would expect an autonomic rescan here.


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Re: Path Insight - How can I rescan the device description

Hi Bernd,


Here's a short video on re-running the Quick Config Wizard to rescan the network that should make Path Insight pick up the changes in networks / network devices.




Steps in this video:

1. run the Quick Config Wizard on the Path Insight server console.

2. add network IP address range if necessary.

3. Wait for the scan to complete. This will take a while - have a look at teh system time in this video to get an indication.

4. Back in Path Insight web pages, it should automatically refresh and you're good to go.


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