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New Advanced Reporting and webUi reports in 11.4

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New Advanced Reporting and webUi reports in 11.4



We have recently upgraded from Prognosis version 11.2 to 11.4


We are looking for a list of new reports (both WebUI and Advanced Reporting) that are available across the Avaya, Skype and Cisco UC techniologies, in the 11.4 product version please. 






Re: New Advanced Reporting and webUi reports in 11.4


The best place to start is the release notes for the top version you just moved to and then usually at the bottom you can jump to the same version of the releases notes for sub-sequent versions and then repeat. 


A quick scan of 11.3 I didn't see anything specific for S4B, and 11.4 listed the following.. but there maybe more out there.


New Skype Endpoint Reports

New reports have been added to cover Skype Device Utilization and Client Version Utilization to help pro-actively manage voice quality issues in the Skype environment. The new reports include the concept of approved devices and client versions, utilizing a customizable list of approved devices and client versions. The reports also include the ability to drill down to see the users that are using the badly performing or unapproved devices.

As part of these changes, the packaged Skype reports have been renamed from “Skype for Business …” to “Skype …”. These shorter names are more consistent with other names in the product. When the 11.4 report pack is uploaded, any existing reports will be renamed first, ensuring that existing subscriptions will be carried over to the new version of the report.


Skype Ad-hoc Report Performance

The performance of ad-hoc Skype reports has been improved to handle environments with hundreds of thousands of endpoints. These improvements are most noticeable when reports are run across the entire deployment, for periods of one month or more.

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