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IP Phones With status UP(adding MAC address field)

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IP Phones With status UP(adding MAC address field)



Is it possible to include the MAC adress of any phones that are in the UP state - we see extenson/status /name/type and model as standard but how could we also add MAC to this field?


I guess if this data is derived from SNMP at the handset layer then adding this record should be possible but if this comes from SAT(list reg) then this field wont be availble to us.


Is there a way I can show MAC to this display easily?



IR Partner

Re: IP Phones With status UP(adding MAC address field)

Thanks for the response Scott - i thought this was going to be the case that this data comes from status sta SAT command.

To obtain MAC level data, Is this something that would suit Path insight which allows you to look at devices connected to the switch layer?

It's not feasible to do the custom chnage on our system as we have> 10,000 endopoints.


Could we not get the product to poll the actual handset itself(SNMP) as I am aware there are other monitoring products out there that seem to be able to gather this level of detail  'out of the box'







Re: IP Phones With status UP(adding MAC address field)

Hello Jonathan,


I'm not sure if Path Insight or a custom solution would be better for gathering the MAC addresses of the IP phones.


Since Prognosis doesn't provide the MAC address for Avaya IP phones today as part of product, and this environment is likely to large for the current solution, it is best to have a conversation with the Account Manager about how best method and customization to provide the MAC for each phone.


Please let us know if help is needed in contacting the Account Manager.


Thank you,

Scott Baldwin


Re: IP Phones With status UP(adding MAC address field)



Update on 2019-06-13:


Data for IP Phones registered to Avaya Communication Manager (ACM) comes largely from SAT command 'list registered-ip-stations'. As you mentioned, this does not provide the MAC address of the phone.


If a Drilldown is used to look at a single extension, Prognosis runs SAT command 'status station xxxx' in real time. The single station data populates in the Display and the data is temporarily stored in Prognosis, including the MAC address data.


Prognosis 9.x used to run a 'status station' command for each station of the ACM. This is very ACM CPU intensive and can potentially put enough pressure on the ACM CPU to affect call functions. This is the reason Prognosis no longer provides the MAC addresses of the ACM IP Phones.


It MIGHT be possible for a Custom Solution to be created that will use SNMP to gather the IP Phone MAC addresses (or some other method). Please contact the Account Manager to scope pricing for the Custom Solution creation and implementation.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin






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