How to update SfB Topology

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How to update SfB Topology

From time to time we have a topology update and the Skyp engineers supply me with an updated TBXML file.  I see to way to import this XML file via the Web Admin page after you have the configuration already setup.  Is there a best practice for doing this or suggusted way to update the Skype configuration?  I could backup the password and Lync config and then from the Web delete the Skype setup and set it up again but not sure this is the best approach.  


Re: How to update SfB Topology

Hi Matt,


Last I am heard,  the TBXML file is used for adding a new Skype for Buisiness site.  It can't be used for modifying an existing site set up in Prognosis.  You may be looking at manually editing the Lync configuration.  Not aware of any other options.  Would have to do some testing in a lab to see if using the XML would work.





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Re: How to update SfB Topology

Hi Scot,


I think there may be a request out there to add this feature but not sure.  If not, can we get an enhancement request for this?  The TBXML file is quite large and hard to pick through to see what needs to get updated.  Ideally there would be a way to load the updated XML file in.  Since this option is currently not available my approach is going to be to delete the existing config and load in the TBXML file.  Before I do this I want to make sure I backup the existing configuration.  I believe the only items that I need to backup are the password and lync config.  Can you verify this for me?





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Re: How to update SfB Topology

I have engaged Matthew and helped him submit this feature suggestion.


Right now the method is manual:

1. Editing the Lync Configuration manually (Recommended)

2. Deleting and re-importing the topology.


It would be a great enhancement to have an update button.




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