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How to enable email alerts for Avaya PBX alerting

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How to enable email alerts for Avaya PBX alerting

How to enable email alerts for Avaya PBX alerting

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Re: How to enable email alerts for Avaya PBX alerting

This involves starting up thresholds and then entering the email server IP address and destination email address details into Prognosis. Here is a short video on how to do that through the Web UI.



Steps in the video:
1. get the monitoring node server name from the View Systems in the Web UI:
1a. View Systems in Web UI;
1b. Select the appliance / Avaya PBX in this example, from the All PBXs or navigation pane;
1c. Click Configuration link in top of the Avaya PBX dashboard;
1d. the dashboard shows the monitoring node;
1e. Or the URL should show the monitoring node as well for most UC appliances (not just Avaya) as soon as the dashboard is drilled down to a specific appliance;


2. start thresholds (out of box thresholds and databases in this example) through the Admin section of the Web UI;
2a. select the monitoring node that monitors that appliance (found in step 1)
2b. OR paste the monitoring node server name into the right place in the URL (particularly if it is a large environment to avoid delay of page loading / connecting for another server)
2c. expand the monitoring node and select the appliance (the particular Avaya PBX in this example)
2d. scroll to the bottom of the configuration of that monitored appliance and find a tick box ...
2e. tick the box for "Start standard databases and thresholds"
2f. Click Update.


3. set email server in the Admin section of the Web UI
3a. select under Configurations the DISPMAN configuration;
3b. scroll down to the MAIL ( DefaultEmailService,... ) line and enter / verify the SMTP email server IP address , and the 'from' email address for the alert emails;
3c. a little further down verify the PERSON line(s) and make sure there is one for DefaultEmailService to send emails to the required recipient / operations team email address for the alerts to be sent to.
3d. Click Start.


4. verify
4a. wait 5 minutes as the threshold may have up to 5 minutes check interval, before it will detect and issue alerts;
4b. open the Dispatch Central dashboard - may need to enter it manually. in this example:
" central"
Then append to this URL: "?defaultnode=\<monitoring server name established in step 1>&filter=No filter".
" central?defaultnode=\<monitoring server name establ..."
In this example it becomes:
" central?defaultnode=\WIN-VT5TT406P1N&filter=No filt..."
4c. expected result is that this dashboard should list the alerts that have been triggered as email, and the status of QUEUED, SENDING, SENT, (or ABORTED if it failed to connect to the email server)


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