How to batch install Prognosis patches?

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How to batch install Prognosis patches?

Description: You have multiple servers, or just want to patch at a time when no-one is in the office. How can this be done?

Solution: As of Prognosis 10 and above, you can use the TEASRV feature to patch multiple nodes. This method does the following:
1. Copies the patch from the c:\Prognosis\Server\Configuration directory on the managing node to the patches directory on the destination node.
2. It runs the patch install command and restarts prognosis

1. Create a new password entry in Prognosis on the Managing Node: COMMAND:TEA and give it a username and password that has permission to install patches on all nodes involved in the script.
2. Download the applicable .gz patch file and copy this to the "c:\Prognosis\Server\Configuration" on the managing node (I.e. z1050p06-win.gz)
3. Create a .bat file (I.e PATCH6INSTALLER08192016)
4. Configure it as per below:
Line 1 command: C:
Line 2 command: CD C:\Prognosis\Server\Configuration
Line 3 command: call irperl "filetransferexecution/scripts/" -n "" -p "" -d "Y"
Line 4+:

Your batch file might look like the below. Note in that example I demonstrate that you can install to different prognosis versions and different patches:

cd c:\prognosis\server\configuration
call irperl "filetransferexecution/scripts/" -n "AA-2K8-P1051" -p "z1051p12-win.gz" -d "Y"
call irperl "filetransferexecution/scripts/" -n "AAVM-2K8-P105B" -p "z1050p06-win.gz" -d "Y"
call irperl "filetransferexecution/scripts/" -n "AA-W12-LATEST" -p "z1100P01-win.gz" -d "Y"

As with any batch script, you can trigger it from any method.
Have a threshold trigger at midnight and run this batch file
Setup a one time Autosummary Job with a command instead of summary
Use Windows task scheduler on the windows node
Use Administrator pushes to run the command etc

This topic just covers the Batch Patching steps and assumes you will just double-click it

Additional Configurations:
1. If you have a locked down Prognosis Security Configuration, you might need to read up on the TRANFER item that would be needed on each
I.e. GRANT(TRANSFER, \source-node, \source-user))
2. If you need multiple COMMAND:TEA password entries due to different servers needing different logons, you might need to look up that topic in the online help too.
I.e. If AA-2K8-P1051 server needed a different logon I would need an extra password entry on the Managing node: COMMAND:TEA:AA-2K8-P1051
3. By default the TEASRV process should be running on Prognosis 10+ systems. If you have stopped it, then this patching mechanism will not work.

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