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How to add a column into a table in a display / dashboard

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How to add a column into a table in a display / dashboard

How to add a column into a tabular view in a display or dashboard.

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Re: How to add a column into a table in a display / dashboard

Out of box displays in the Client and dashboards in the Web UI may have additional useful columns hidden / not selected. These can be easily added in. Here is a short video of one such example showing how to add the monitoring node column into the UCC Welcome display as a convenient way to see which Prognoss server is monitoring which UC appliance.



Steps in the video:

1. Right-click in the display pane;
2. select Properties
3. Click the glasses icon to see fields that are not made visible;
4. or double-click the view to see what other fields there are in that record that are not selected;
5. Make sure the field is visible with the Visible tick box,
6. Click OK, and wait for the display to load.
7. Expected result is that it should now contain a new column of the field that was selected.
* In this example the 'monitoring server' field is added into the UCC Welcome display

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