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How to Clear Resolved Prognosis Resolved Alerts

05 Base Camper

How to Clear Resolved Prognosis Resolved Alerts

We had network outage and prognosis raised the expected alerts and notified us apporproately.    The carrier repaired the issues and all the alerrts cleared except "Voice quality degraded between network region  X and Y.    This has occured twice.   We are monitoring an Avaya Aura system.   How do you manually clear these alerts?2018-11-07 09_15_32-prognosis - Remote Desktop Connection.png

Community Manager

Re: How to Clear Resolved Prognosis Resolved Alerts

HI David,


There are a couple approaches, but the easiest is just to stop the source threshold condition, wait for the alert to clear, then start it back up.

 - You could do this just via 1 condition or the whole threshold.


Note: Technically cleared problems should have already closed (Unless operator acknmowledgement is configured), so if the problems retrigger, it's a good sign those ones still have an issue.


05 Base Camper

Re: How to Clear Resolved Prognosis Resolved Alerts

Thanks. That worked.

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