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Hardware requirement information for New Prognosis version upgradation

10 Guide

Hardware requirement information for New Prognosis version upgradation

Hi All,

Can anyone please provide to us what is exact hardware requirement information for Prognosis.

The reason why we asking this every Prognosis new version release has support some addtional compenents EX: 11.3 support Expressway devices and some new features added in reports etc and 11.5  supports TMS & CMS and some new feature in reports also. Hence, they will consume extra hard disk space,Memory & CPU ect.....

Then we are asking our Coustmers to increase their current Hardware requirement. My coustmers are not happy everytime to increase their Hardware configuration when we are doing version upgrade. Hence, we are looking for exact hardware requirement information for Prognosis even we are going to upgrade in feature Prognosis relases.

Also could you please tell us hardware requirement of for each device specific such as CUCM,UNITY,SBC,IM&P ETC....
For some coustmers we are support only CUCM, Unity, IMP & UCCX only and some coustmers we are  we add supporting Expressway and Video products.

Hence, we are looking what is minimum hardware required to upgrade Prognosis to 11.5  for basic monitoring support such as CUCM, Unity, IMP & UCCX

What is hardware requirement when we add Expressway and Video products etc...

Please help us for providing above information. Thanks in Adavance.







Community Manager

Re: Hardware requirement information for New Prognosis version upgradation

Hi Venkatesh,


For the Prognosis server specs the 11.5 has increased requirements:


Minimum Spec = Quad core processor with 4gb memory

Recommended Spec = Octa core processor with 8gb of memory 


On VMWare the core configuration is important to get right as per above online help topic.

Hope this helps


10 Guide

Re: Hardware requirement information for New Prognosis version upgradation

Hi Adam/Team,


Thanks for your response.

Here our concern is the Prognosis server specs for the 11.5 hardware requirements has increased due to prognosis version or because of the new feature was added in this version?.

Also is this hardware requirements are enough in feature releases of prognosis such as 11.6,11.7 .......12 ......13+.......


Also can you please suggest us which are the best hardware requirements if have only CUCM,Unity,UCCX,IM&P &SBC with out having CMS,TMS & Vedio codec devices.

And what are the best hardware requirements if my coustmer have all UC devices EX: cms,tms,expressways etc....


Could you please help on this requirements quickly.


























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