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Generate Alert for Specific Incoming Numbers

07 Climber

Generate Alert for Specific Incoming Numbers

I need to generate incoming alerts for highly visible incoming calls.  I am attempting to grab the data from the "Avaya Calls Central" Database Replay.  I want to trigger on the "VDN" that is called.  I see the calls in the display, but am unsure as to how to get the threshold to trigger.  I created a threshold condition  under the Avaya Alert Threshold, with the Where Clause looking at the AvayaCDRRecord / AvayaCDRVDN key and here is the Where Clause (VDN = "19957784474").


It is not triggering.  Any suggestions?PSAP Incoming Event.jpgPSAP Incoming Where Clause.jpg


Re: Generate Alert for Specific Incoming Numbers

hi @Cedric_Jackson 

what do you have in "Nodes to Monitor" tab? If its still #DefaultNode then your threshold is looking for CDR data on the monitoring node. You'd need to point it to nodegroup or indiviual PBX that you are getting data from.


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07 Climber

Re: Generate Alert for Specific Incoming Numbers

Thanks for the suggestion.  That actually was the issue.  I was not pointing to the PBX. Alwasy the simplest solution!

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