Finished Calls -filter by specfic extensions

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Finished Calls -filter by specfic extensions



I need to track VOIP performmance to a specfic number of endpoints - I'd like to group these into a report using the Finished call detail. Whats the correct syntax to use in  my statement to select the correct extensions from the Finished call detail?


Let's assume it's across 4 extensions - 1234/1111/2222/3333


How would I group the results together so it show finished call for all 4 extensions?




Re: Finished Calls -filter by specfic extensions

Hey @Jonathan_Mc ,


not sure if I understood your question, but if you just want to filter the data for those 4 extensions, you can use below (assuming AVCLFINF record).


EXTNSION IN { "1234", "1111", "2222", "3333" }



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