Enhancement Request for Cisco UBE Health

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Enhancement Request for Cisco UBE Health

Not sure if this is the place to put this but I have to modify Cisco UBE Health to not show RED status when an interface is Admin status of Down and Operational Status of Down:

I Update Cisco UEB Health display to use grey coloring when value of IFOPERST = 2 and IFADMINS = 2 and publish to WEB


So wondering why we should alert or show red when something is intentionally configured to be down.  I would think for UBE or any other interface helath monitoring would not do this.  Anyway, after every upgrade I have to redo this setting again which is a pain.  

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Re: Enhancement Request for Cisco UBE Health

Hello Matthew,


Requestes for enhancement typically goes through support, i will reach out to you via email so we can get this processed by standard proceedure. 


Thank you.

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