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Device removed from CUCM

Hi Support, I have a SCCP FXS gateway that was removed from the CUCM. However in the monitoring the device is still showing as down even though it's not configured in CUCM. Can you please assist me? Thanks


Re: Device removed from CUCM

Hello Steven,


The gateway continuing to show in Prognosis after removal is likely caused by either of the following:

  1. Gateways can remain in Prognosis for about 24 hours after removal.
    - This 24 delay is caused by the Up or Down status of the gateway populating the Availability record.
    - Prognosis looks at the past 24 hours of the Availability record for device status.
    - Once the 24 hour period has passed after removing the gateway, the device should clear out of Prognosis.
  2. Sometimes gateway information in the CUCM SQL database doesn't get fully removed when a gateway is removed.
    - The gateway incorrectly remaining in the CUCM SQL database doesn't appear to be caused by any user action, but rather a CUCM issue.
    - When Prognosis queries the cluster for the gateway list, if there are remnants of absent gateways, Prognosis will show the gateway information, and mark the gateway as down.
    - Typically, Cisco TAC needs to go into the CUCM and clear out old gateway remnants from the CUCM database.
    - A Prognosis Support case can be opened to verify Prognosis has detected this issue in the CUCM, and not another cause.
    - Once the issue is isolated to information coming from the CUCM, a Cisco TAC ticket should be opened with the details of the issue so Cisco can remove old gateway remnants from the CUCM.


Thank you,
Scott Baldwin


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