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Clear Open Alerts

I am looking for the procedure to close open alerts that do not require acknowledgement. Any idea where I can get the procedure for that?

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Re: Clear Open Alerts

Hi Cedric,

could you more precisely describe what the goal for you is? Because the way to get it closed is of course not hitting the threshold WHERE Clause anymore but what is the second reason for you to close it if the problem still exists technically?

Re: Clear Open Alerts

There are a couple ways to do what you want to do:
The root of it though comes down to issuing an "ignore" command, which can be found in Knowledge->Common->Command Store. This is only available out of the box in the IRGUI Desktop client.

We have recently built a Custom Alerts Central for a customer that integrates this Ignore and also adds Approve functionality into the WebUI. Please contact your account manager if you are interested in having consulting build this for your environment.

You can also use an IR command to issue a command line command (outside of Prognosis) to accomplish the same thing but you need to know a lot about the incident to do so and so best to do it inside of Prognosis.

To Stephan's point, if you have something that is constantly reoccurring that you simply do not care about it is best to disable that condition in the threshold or analyst to prevent it from triggering as otherwise it will reoccur and you will have to repeatedly 'ignore' it. There are some out of the box conditions that are like this and they are pretty easy to disable without completely disabling them.

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