Cisco VG-310 shows down when they are actually UP

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Cisco VG-310 shows down when they are actually UP



Could someone help me why prognosis shows down for few of the gateways. So from the main All PBX display choosing a CUCM cluster and then go to Gateways. Here it shows like 30 Gateways are down or init and remaining 170 are UP. But when you click on any of the gateway which is down We see the ports are up and the Gateway shows UP but it doesn't show in the main page. 


Is this something we need to change something. All devices are same model and IOS version. 


Please help




Re: Cisco VG-310 shows down when they are actually UP

Hi Devan Arumugam,


Thank you for your posts. 


In general, VG status relies on both SNMP data from the gateway and the registration status on the CUCM. 

Please check if these VG GWs are registered properly in CM, and confirm SNMP connectivity between the Prognosis server and the GW devices.


You may also need to confirm if the correct community string is setup in Prognosis PASSWORD configuration. IF the GWs are using different credentials than CM cluster, you will need to add them seperately.



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Re: Cisco VG-310 shows down when they are actually UP

I am sorry for not making this clear. 


All necessary SNMP or ACL in the network are added. In prognosis web page, under ALL PBX's, I go to one CUCM Cluster node and under that I go to Gateways section.


I am seeing around 200 gateways listed. Out of that 120 gateways shows status as down. But when I go or click that gateway the page expands and there everything shows up.


Its just the main display shows down.

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