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Cisco Meeting Server not working

05 Base Camper

Cisco Meeting Server not working

Following instructions for 11.5P1 and we are unable to get CMS to work:


What are the dependencies of this?  Just wondering if there is something else we need to turn on.  Prognosis shows the exe running but when we run wireshark nothing shows communicating with the server until we manually log in to the server from the monitor.

Community Manager

Re: Cisco Meeting Server not working

Hi Matt, 


First thing is to check if these things are in the license file:

  • 'CTS' license code. 
  • 'OsTypeAll=FFFE FFFF 07FF'

If either are missing, make sure request a new license from your IR account manager.




05 Base Camper

Re: Cisco Meeting Server not working

Hi Gerald,


We have CTS but not the OsTypeAll setting you are showing.  We are showing OsTypeAll (-2).  Not sure what setting does but looks like we need a new license file cut.  Working with support now on this.  Hopefully this will be the cure.



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