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CER not contactable alert after adding new cluster

05 Base Camper

CER not contactable alert after adding new cluster

I'm running Prognosis 11.2 and setup a CER 10.5 cluster for monitoring.  I've verified the CER login, CER is current up and running, SNMP community string is correct, made sure SNMP is running on CER, and can ping it from Prognosis.  However I'm getting the following alert, "Cluster Cust_CER is NOT contactable."  I'm not getting any other info from PRognosis on "How" CER is not contactable.  What else can I check?

Community Manager

Re: CER not contactable alert after adding new cluster

Here, "not contactable" means Prognosis is failing to connect to the CER telnet / CLI port. You could test it using Telnet or Putty to establish the correct credentials, IP address, TCP port and mode (telnet or ssh). Then re-enter those into the config in Prognosis.




05 Base Camper

Re: CER not contactable alert after adding new cluster

Is there anything additional to test or verify if Prognosis 11.2 shows no connection to a CER version 11.5 cluster?  Putty access verified and SNMP configured.  I reviewed the passwords config and CER cluster config in IRGUI.  Something else interesting is that the CER cluster doens't show up when viewing the Monitor in the admin page on the Prognosis Manager, but it is listed when logged into Admin from the Monitor where it was added.

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