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CDR Retention

I've seen other posts mentioning that you can only get full CDR data for about 2 days, which is the same thing I see when I scroll back the bar under a phones' recent calls, for example.  How can I lengthen this to say, 30 days?  Even if its not easily exportable anymore ... just not have the data get lost after 2 days is what im looking for.


Re: CDR Retention

Hello JayC,

The CUCM CDRs are stored per cluster in a Database Collection with the following naming convention: 00xxdClusterName-Calls. The Calls Database Collections are set to purge CDR data after 2 days or 4096MB, whichever is reached first.


Use the following to update the Calls Database Collection retention time and size as desired:

  1. Connect to the Monitoring Node using the Prognosis Windows Client.
  2. In the Node Navigator (bottom left window) expand the server and expand Databases.
  3. Right click on the Calls Database Collection for the desired CUCM cluster and select Properties.
    - This will open an uneditable window.
  4. Click on the "C" inside the yellow database icon near the top of the client.
    - This will open an editable database Properties window.
    - The first page will have a blank space for the name. This is OK and does NOT need to be updated.
  5. On the Storage tab, change the Wrap interval to the desired value. The Size field may also need to be updated to allocate enough space for the new number of days of data.
    - Note: it is recommended to use only up to 30 days for the Calls Database Collections.
  6. When the changes are complete, click Start to update the running Database Collection settings.

Thank you,
Scott Baldwin


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Re: CDR Retention

You can extend the calls database.  
In the GUI if you go to the bottom left, expand databases, find Cluster-Calls, right click it, properties, click OK.  Next in the top tool bar click the database with a C in it when you mouse over it says "Create New Collection Document"  Click the Storage Tab then you can change the Wrap Preferences for size and duration.  Then click Start.  When you do this just be mindful of your databases sizes and when they might wrap.  




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Re: CDR Retention

Thanks!  The one piece missing from Scott's steps was to hit OK after the properties pop-up.  That made it show up the 'C' to click on,

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