Avaya SBCE update MIBs to v113

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Avaya SBCE update MIBs to v113

How do we get Prognosis to use the newer MIBs (v113)? It appears Prognosis is using v106.


I'm assuming the ones used by Prognosis are in IPTM\Sbc\MIBs 



Version 113 released by Avaya Nov. 2018


Re: Avaya SBCE update MIBs to v113

Hi Issac,

This is a great question. We will get back to you on this.




Re: Avaya SBCE update MIBs to v113



We are reviewing all the changes in the Avaya SBC-E as part of our Prognosis Roadmap in supporting the latest metrics. The updating of the SNMP MIBs provided by Avaya are included as part of the overall holistic review of the device.


Travis Polland

Senior Product Manager

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