AudioCodes SBC Monitoring - IP Groups and Statistics

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AudioCodes SBC Monitoring - IP Groups and Statistics

I have noticed this not sure if is just a limitation of IR Prognosis But I have noticed since that there is difference in the ability to monitor IP Groups or Trunks on a AudioCodes compaired to Sonus / Ribbion.    Here is a example I have gone through the configuration guide and set this up to use RTC-XR  and SNMP and noticed that first a few things. 
1. Description Field doesn't work on AudioCodes SBC's older than 6.8 firmware its because the SNMP value changed after the 6.8 firmware.   I have a request for a fix for that. 
2.  I noticed that everything right of Status in this screenshot has never populated with data or gives me how many sessions there are on that trunk / Signaling Group.


Currious if I am missing something or just a limitation to AudioCodes Monioring. Example of IP GroupsExample of IP Groups


Re: AudioCodes SBC Monitoring - IP Groups and Statistics

Hi Cory_Wagner,


Thank you for your posts.


1. As you already have a ticket request fix for Description field not working on AudioCodes with FW older than 6.8, I will leave it with your Support engineer.


2. My understanding is that Prognosis obtains "In Attempts", "Out Attempts", "Out Failed" and "IN Failed" stats using the following table in AC-PM-Control-MIB: 

acPMSBCIPGroupInAttemptedCallsTable OID: .
acPMSBCIPGroupOutAttemptedCallsTable OID: .

acPMSBCIPGroupInAdmissionFailedCallsTable OID: .
acPMSBCIPGroupOutAdmissionFailedCallsTable OID: .

You may validate the values by snmpwalk these tables to the SBC, and that should confirm if Prognosis is reporting what it recieves. 


I also include Supported UC platform link below for your information.




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