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Analyst Syntax Highlighting

Analyst Syntax Highlighting

The following is an Analyst Syntax Highlighter for Notepad++ that I've built and use everyday.

It assumes the following best practices are being utilized
In particular:
1) All user defined variables begin with _ and all global variables (in the define section) with __g syntax. This clearly distinguishes them as user variables from field names and ^system variables and the context in which they can be utilized.
2) It also assumes you are either copying the text out of the Prognosis Analyst dialogue into Notepad++ or referencing it as a .rule file.

Note: Many / Most of our legacy out of the box analysts due not follow these best practices but the newer ones do.. but it they also haven't made it into documentation.

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Christopher R Souser - Payments and Infrastructure Consultant – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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Re: Analyst Syntax Highlighting



Can you fix the link for the file?

I'm getting a 404 - Page not found.


Thank you,


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