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Advance Reporting - Populating CSV with Enterprise Approved Versions

05 Base Camper

Advance Reporting - Populating CSV with Enterprise Approved Versions

I have the command to update Advanced Reporting SQL table that contains the current approved device/Client version. which is the following from c:\Prognosis\Server\Configuration

irperl c:\Prognosis\Server\Configuration\BigDataInsight\UC\SSIS\  --dest-db=BigDataInsightUC –sql-server=<instance name or hostname>

  Is there a way to pull down the current collected versions or is there a way to put in above Version 15.0.455 ?


Issue I am having is that on the LKS4BClientVersionClientVersion.csv there is notthing populated.  When I try to manally put in

UCCAPI/16.0.10730.20264 OC/16.0.10730.20334



I get a error back saying the SQL table rows does not match the CSV rows.


My guess is that I need to find the SQL Table and just populated that with SQL Versions.


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