24 Hours of Agent Calls

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24 Hours of Agent Calls

Is there a tweak that can be done to records in the recent call view to view 24 hours of an agents calls (or at least day  by day view). Hour by hour is a little too narrow of a view for me. Thanks


Re: 24 Hours of Agent Calls

Hello Chris,


This depends on your level of familiarity with administering the product. If you are an experienced administrator with training in display/dashboard modification you could copy and or adjust both the dashboard (via the display file) and the database collection it relies on to both store and present the data.


However, this does require a level of expertise and while it may work to push the packaged displays beyond their original limits, it may not for various reasons (performance of the node, storage space, etc). As a result, it may be worthwhile reaching out to your IR account manager if you'd like to discuss either training or consulting for assistance if you aren't familiar with this level of administration.





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Re: 24 Hours of Agent Calls



Yes there is a setting you can try. I couldn't identify which display you're looking at there but generally there is a Prognosis setting you can try changing to change the interval to 1 day in a database replay/report display. Here is a image showing where the setting is.


A tip as well: Make sure to Save a copy of the display as a backup or to trial the changes in the copied display first.







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Re: 24 Hours of Agent Calls

Hey GeraldC1, the display I am looking at is the CMA  - Call List. I'll take a look at what you sent me and see what I can do with it. Thank you.

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