11.5 compatibility to Microsoft Teams

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11.5 compatibility to Microsoft Teams

Is Prognosis 11.5 compatible with 'Microsoft Teams' ?  We now use Skype for Business for our IM, conference and screen share capabilities but we are looking to upgrade to Microsoft Teams in 2019.  We are on now on 11.1 but will be upgrading to 11.5 in 2019 as well.  If 'Teams' is not monitorable by Prognosis this may affect our decision.  Please advise.


Rob with CSAA Insuance Group


Re: 11.5 compatibility to Microsoft Teams

Hello Rob,


As of Prognosis 11.5, Microsoft Teams can not be monitored by Prognosis.


IR Development has discussed adding Microsoft Teams monitoring to Prognosis at some point in the future, but it is not yet part of Prognosis.


With the above stated, Microsoft Teams relies on several components currently part of Prognosis monitoring capabilities. A discussion with your Account Manager about the monitoring needs of the environment would be a good next step.


Thank you for the question,

Scott Baldwin


05 Base Camper

Re: 11.5 compatibility to Microsoft Teams

Thanks for the info!!


~Rob Gonzalez

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