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how to manage license usage in UC Assessor

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how to manage license usage in UC Assessor

In UC Assessor I want to be able to see how many license units have been consumed and how many are still avauilable to run new assessments.

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Re: how to manage license usage in UC Assessor

Here is a short video on how to manage license usage in UC Assessor.





Steps in the Video:

1. Login into 
2. Select Usage

3. select View Details;

4. select the month

5. Scroll through the list to see all the assessments that have consumed license units.

*. Note that every unique combination of source and destination Prognosis agent / cloud destination will consume a license unit.

*. Make sure to stop any assessments left running to make sure to avoid them consuming an extra license unit if they run for more than a month.

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