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Instalation on Windows Server 2012 r2

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Instalation on Windows Server 2012 r2

Good afternoon, I need to install version 11.4 but when looking for the license can not find the machine, I put the route of it without success, you can help me to know where I keep it, its URGENT, please help Me.


Re: Instalation on Windows Server 2012 r2


Your question is not compeltely clear on what you are experiencing, but hopefully one of these will give you your answer:

  1. When installing it should generally be in the same directory as the installer, it does not need to be though it just needs to be in short enough of a path that the installer can still utilize it, generally on the same server and not on a long UNC network path.
  2. When doing upgrades a valid license needs to exist in the \Server\Configuration\  directory.
  3. After any installation it will be located in \Server\Configuration\ directory.


IMPORTANT: If installing 11.x and you are upgrading from a pre-11.0 version of Prognosis you need to request a new license, your 10.x, 9.x, 8.x, etc license will not work on a 11.x+ release.  For customer with a current license / maintenance this is free, it just has to be requested from your account manager. 



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Christopher R Souser - Sr. Services Solution Engineer, Payments & Infrastructure – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.
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