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How to connect an agent successfully to UC Assessor

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How to connect an agent successfully to UC Assessor

This articles gives tips on how to connect an agent successfully to UC Assessor.


Have you created an agent inside UC Assessor? 

If you have Installed the agent but unsure if its connected please visit the page you created the agent and look for the "Never Connected" or "Connected" status next to the Name you have the agent.



Firewall connectivity

Within a couple of minutes the Prognosis agent should show as successfully connected. If this doesn't happen you should review the Firewall requirements


Is the agent installed and running?

After downloading and installing the agent there is a way to check if the agent is running from the computer it was installed.

  • From the windows computer the agent was installed on open the "Task Manager"
  • Click on the "Services" tab
  • Look for a service called 'Prognosis Agent Service', this should be shown as 'Running'. On installation the service should be started automatically.


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