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what does the error message "prognosis ircnfutl has stopped working"

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what does the error message "prognosis ircnfutl has stopped working"

Hi All,

Does any one help on this query as real quick.

We performed upgradation activity today from prognosis 11.3 version to 11.4.

First we downloaded and installed the prognosis 11.4 installer and then after we downloaded Prognosis 11.4 Patch 4 (Installer) and installed patch file.

During the installation of patch 4 (installer) we got the below error meassage.patch.PNG

this is the first we performed this activity. we don't know what does this error mesage means. can any one help us how can we fix this issue and how can we go to processed furhter for this upgrade.




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Re: what does the error message "prognosis ircnfutl has stopped working"

IRCNFUTL is a Prognosis command line utility used during the running of an IRFAX as well as for performing upgrades / additions to our Prognosis static configurations as it can LIST, UPDATE, OR MERGE these static configuration and exists on all of our platforms (HP NonStop, Windows, Linux, AIX, etc)


During an upgrade if you get this it usually means the installer attempted to execute it and didn't get a result code on an operation or simply confirmation that it completed successfully.  The upgrade would provide more detail. 


On MS Windows installation, due *usually* 3rd party software installed on the system,  the Install Sheild patch installer we use I have seen run into issues occassionally and we have always been able to overcome it by simply running IRPATCH to apply the patching using the command line.


1) Download the .gz version of the patch.

2) Go to ..\Prognosis\Patches

3) Type "irpatch -i <patchname>"

4) Confirm its successful install "irpatch -l" after its completion. 


If you need further assistance on the upgrade troubleshooting I suggest you contact support on this specific issue with an IRFAX and the logs from the upgrade and installation of the patch.



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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.

Re: what does the error message "prognosis ircnfutl has stopped working"

Worked great Chris! Thanks!


I would just add that you have to stop the prognosis service prior to installing and then start it after.