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how to install the Agent for Payment Analytics

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how to install the Agent for Payment Analytics

how to install the Agent for Payment Analytics

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Re: how to install the Agent for Payment Analytics

Here's a short video on how to install the Agent onto a Linux box on customer premises to feed payments data to Payment Analytics on the Prognosis on the cloud analytics reporting.


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Prerequisites for the Steps in this video that make more streamlined:

* to download files directly onto the Linux, avoiding doublehandling:

- agent user already created on Linux, using the following commands in a terminal on the linux:

useradd agent
passwd agent

- agent user is logged in on Linux,
- web browser on Linux is signed in into the Prognosis on the Cloud. https://<subscription>



Steps in this Video:

See the Online Help for Cloud article: 

Or navigate to this article through the Online Help :

Administration Guide > Agents > Installing An Agent


Gotchas and solutions:

1. Extract files - don't need to yum unzip , there is already an archive extractor utility on the vanilla RedHat RHEL8


1. Service is not running at all.

ps -ef | grep agent
agent_launcher missing, and
Agent/v1.2.0/agent also missing.

meaning: The agent is not running at all. Start-up fails.

And no Logs folder at all because it is failing to start.
Try run it manually from Terminal, because that will write log to the Terminal output so that we can see where it is failing:
Logon as the agent user (set up during install).
cd /home/agentuser

Then look for the first of the "[error]" for clues why it is failing.

One such example:

2. Failing to start with:
Error: [error] [CentralRoleCredentialsProvider.cpp] [GetAWSCredentials:31] Cannot get credentials from AWS. Credentials issue: Couldn't resolve host name.

Meaning: It cannot connect to AWS. Either network is turned off in Linux, or no DNS or incorrect DNS makgin it fail to resolve the AWS FQDN names or DNS lookup is blocked by firewall,

Troubleshooting: Make sure the Linux server is connected to network and has correct DNS server settings to resolve the AWS hostnames that the agent uses to connect to AWS.


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