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What is ircnfutil?

Tonia K
05 Base Camper

What is ircnfutil?

I was downloading Patch 5 for version 11.1 and while I was doing this the error messge

Prognosis ircnfutl has stopped working. Is this caused form the Patch download What is this service and where do I find it to restart it?
Community Manager

Re: What is ircnfutil?

Hi Tonia,

Ircnfutl is a command script that is used to read or update Prognosis configurations.
As per support case, I believe the dificulties the command had at executing during the patch install was related t pending updates in windows requiring a restart.

The error during this particular patch install and your configuration combinations could be ignored (Just click ok).
As per other email, this pending windows restart state also had effects on IIS and our webui loading too. The windows restart you did at that stage did help.