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WebView when only using Prognosis on HP-NonStop

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WebView when only using Prognosis on HP-NonStop

Hello dear Experts!
how must we configure Prognosis and Windows-IIS if we only have Prognosis on HP-NonStop and want to use WebView in Release 10?
BR Bernd

Re: WebView when only using Prognosis on HP-NonStop

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Hello Bernd
Good question. From your perspective if you are running Prognosis 9.1, the Web Application in 9.1 runs on various other web servers including on NonStop, as in this P9.1 Help article.
System Guide > User Interfaces > Web Interface > Deployment of Web Interface Application > Deployment Examples
This has changed with Prognosis 10. In Prognosis 10 the Web UI requires particular versions of IIS and Windows only as per this P10 Help article.
Deployment and Installation > Installation > Web Application > System Requirements
You would therefore need a Windows platform to run the Web UI, and potentially a license change if it does not include a Windows server. You would need to discuss this with your account manager to confirm.