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TDE 2159 in a User Field

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TDE 2159 in a User Field

We would like to create a user field in our Prognosis system to collect information from Base24-eps TDE 2159 so that we can create a display showing TPS per FDR station. TDE 2159 is a 16 byte string and contains the acquirer response destination (FDR link, in our case).


We have added the below line to our B24EPS config on our ICE server, but the value is not being populated.

User Field (B24LIN, FLD2, "TOKEN (2159, STRING(0,16))")


We also tried adding this line to the irtsvcol.ini file. The userfield2 record was still not being populated from what we could see.

FLD2=TOKEN(2159, STRING(0,16))


Re: TDE 2159 in a User Field

Hi maryu, 

The user field definition looks OK to me. I'm guessing a little, but it sounds suspiciously like something I have done myself in the past after adding a user field definition and quickly trying to see if it works. 


For the B24EPS config, if you add a user field definition for FLD2 and want to check it, you'll have to do that using a key (or associate) containing FLD2. You may have to add an ENABLE KEY statement for FLD2 if one doesn't exist in the config. Because the transaction summary records work like GROUP BYs in SQL, any fields that aren't specified in the key (or associate name) you're requesting, will be blank in the display. 


For irtsvcol.ini, there is a different gotcha that has hit me. The collector buffers the last <n> transactions in memory and can deliver all transactions in the buffer to a freshly started display. If you do not sort the display by descending LOGTIME, then the transactions at the top may be old transactions, collected prior to when you added the user field definition. When you check FLD2 in these transactions, it may be blank. Always best to sort by descending LOGTIME in the display to make sure you're looking at the latest transactions. One last thought for irtsvcol.ini, the FLD2= line also has to be located in the TRANSACTION-LOG-LOCATION section for the data source that it should apply to. If in another section, it will be ignored. 


Hope that helps. If not, IR support should be able to assist further.