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Role based security

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Role based security

I've followed the instructions for role based security. The home page doesn't change when tested and the Navigation View still has a bazillion supported systems in it. We only use Payments & NonStop. Has anyone else been able to setup role-based security? I have not used groups, since our user base is

Re: Role based security

Hi Mark

Navigation Views can be created and then aligned to security roles.
Navigation View is configurable through Prognosis Administration, in Navigation section , scroll down to "Configure Navigation Views" where you can "Add New Navigation View" or Edit existing non-default views. The bazillion supported systems should all be selectable/deselectable by tick boxes.

Home Page is configurable through Prognosis Administration, in the Security section, by "Add New Role" or "Edit" an existing role. In there you can also select from a drop-down the Navigation View you modified/created described above.

Community Manager

Re: Role based security

Hi Mark,

The issue you had is because you did not use the domain when adding new users. Changing this will correct your issue
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Re: Role based security

To Recap & Update this issue:
This original issue was about the user needing to define navigation views within the Prognosis WebUI Admin, that is the reason they were seeing so much in the navigation bar. This would be applicable to any 10.x through at least 11.1 version of Prognosis.

To resolve this they needed to:
1) Navigate to Prognosis WebUI Admin and login with someone with full administrative role to the WebUI.
2) Go to Navigation Tab
3) Define a NEW Navigation view that limits a set of users to a specific navigation view.
4) Then go and define a security profile and ASSIGN that Navigation profile to the security profile.
5) Then most important assign a User Group (preferred) or Users to be members of that Security Profile.
6) Additionally at the bottom of the security profile you can limit the Systems they are able to see within that navigation view if you have set the proper configurations on the monitoring node itself in the prgnini.ini (this is a system wide parameter for all data on that system, it is great for separating Prod vs. QA for example).
;Customer Indicates that this monitoring node collects data
; for a given customer identity, which can then be
; used to restrict which data a given Prognosis role
; can be used to access.
; Customer=IR

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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.