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Prognossi LDAP Integration using TLS/SSL

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Prognossi LDAP Integration using TLS/SSL

Posting on behalf of one of my customers:
"We need to understand how to configure TLS for the LDAP server such as ldap_tls_cacert, ldap_tls_cacertdir, ldap_tls_reqcert properties.

We have the configuration in place but we need to be able to configure an TLS/SSL certificate to encrypt the user credentials that pass between Prognosis and the LDAP server and the documentation currently does not list any settings to specify this.
The standards for an LDAP implementation use those properties that we listed (ldap_tls_cacert, ldap_tls_cacertdir, ldap_tls_reqcert) – we’re trying to find out if they are supported and perhaps just undocumented. Can you clarify?"

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Christopher R Souser - Solution Architect – MSci. PA, CISSP, ITIL.